Thursday, January 12, 2012

New Passion - Learning how to knit and crochet!

Hi Sunshines! Been very busy this week, working the booth over at Goat Feathers, learning how to and making cute little primie baby hats! I've always wanted to learn  this beautiful craft and have managed to meet some very brave volunteers that are showing me how, giggling all the way! Oh NO, another hobby! but I love it!

Here are a couple of pictures, short post but gotta run! Hope you are having a wonderful week so far!

I've made three so far, and I'm on a roll! 

They are all different sizes. Made the left one first, the right one then the middle. The little middle one was a really different yarn from the first, a lot thinner, and after starting over a couple of times, lol, I think I got the hang of it! :) Nothing is perfect yet but it will keep those little babies warm I hope!

I also made a Granny Square and if you tilt your head just right, it really does look S Q U A R E! :) Actually I'm calling it a "coaster!"

Hugs........x o  =^.^=

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  1. Long time and no post. Hope you are OK. Ellie


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