Friday, December 30, 2011

2011 End of Year Thoughts

Hello my Sunshines! well this year of 2011 is almost done! It was a WILD RIDE for me at times, a true and complete year of FIRST's!

A very surprising, sad, happy, confusing, emotional, shocking, nervous and very enlightening all around year for me. Wow is all I can say I guess, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly and some very surprising lessons learned.  Personally, I can say I have learned so much about people, how they think, how they treat others, and mostly about respect or the lack of it.  All I know is life is short and not worth some of the senseless drama we all experience now and then.

I will tell you now that I have so much planned for this coming new year and am looking so forward to sharing with you!

I've had such fun in my First year of blogging! I never knew it would be so very rewarding for me and have other like-minded bloggers chime in with so much passion and ideas.  I have learned so much and most importantly that we are not alone, ever, with whatever happens in our lives.

Thank you to all of the lovely bloggers that have stopped by to say hello, that have decided to join me in this journey and sharing your comments because I read each one, and love to hear from you! You guys are awesome!

Inspiration, Compassion, Love, Support, Passionate Friends, are just a few of the words that describe bloggers! You have so inspired me!

I hope you will continue on with me as I will with all of you in this beautiful journey of thoughts, lessons and love. I learn so much each day!

When I started blogging, it was at the suggestion of my sister Max, Maxine. You need to start a blog, how fun she would say, you have so many ideas it would be a blast, you need to do this you should do this! You are retired now, DO IT DO IT!

My thoughts were always one should "never SHOULD" anyone :) but she was right! And I thank her so very much from the bottom of my heart for hounding me and helping me set this thing up! All of the late night phone calls, hey how do I do this! I can't do it! I am so frustrated! and on and on and on :) If you read my first post ever, I dedicated this blog to her! And I will tell you I have the best sister in the whole world! I love you Max! xo

So Sunshines, my wish for you and yours is much happiness and health in the coming New Year and always! Blog on!

PS if you ever wondered why I call all of you Sunshines, when I was very little my Mother would sing "You are My Sunshine" my only Sunshine" a lot, a popular song way back when, there were times when Dad would play the guitar and they would sing together, and it always stuck with me I guess. So my loving term for all of you are my Sunshines :)

Hugs Kat =^.^=


  1. I am glad you started your blog. Keeping up with my beloved Boulder City through your eyes has been exciting and fulfilling. I might add, a little sad, too.

    I sometimes think about starting a blog, and then . . . I don't. Sure do spend hours blog-hopping, though.

    Blessings for a peaceful New Year. Hope to meet up with you in the spring, as I'm planning a visit to Las Vegas and Boulder City.


  2. Wonderful! I look forward to meeting up with you Ellie! Keep me posted on the "plan!"
    I would love to "see' Florida through your eyes! Just a suggestion :) I hope I can keep up with good pictures for you my friend! The happiest of New Year's for you as well! Hugs Kat ;)


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