Monday, August 8, 2011

Under Contruction

Hello Sunshines, glad to be back in blog land! I have been so very busy the past couple of weeks. My amazing friend moved, as fast as I have ever seen anyone move! It was literally one day normal and the next chaos! Decision time, packing, what to sell and what to keep, amazing quick decisions! But growth, anyway you look at it huh.

Once she made her decision, wow, talk about movin and shakin! I will miss her terribly, but at least we have Skype and texting! I cannot wait to hear about her new place and how she will decorate and the treasure hunt! Wish I could go with her!

She is a mid-century modern kinda gal, with a French and shabby chic twist I think, but things could change once she starts the search! She is a writer, so I am sure it will be a wonderful creative place!

Regardless, it will be a BLAST I'm sure, what fun! New and exciting!!!!!

Between trying to assist her a little and get my abode under control so she could stay with me a couple of days until she left, I have been running and my body has been talking to me a lot lately! :) My mind is young and the bod, well sometimes it won't cooperate, lol!

I really was glad that I had to get my game on, with organizing and cleaning for a house guest, it lit the proverbial fire under me, which is what I desperately needed I guess to get "on a roll" so to speak. The roll continues.......

I am glad, as change is good, however small. I can now entertain, even though my home is not quite how I wish it to be and look, but entertaining is now doable, and well, the family or friends will have to understand, I am "under construction" again or still lol! Think I'm gonna make a sign and hang it by the front door! :) Enter at own risk! Hard hats suggested! LOL

I have missed blogging and have had many ideas for posts, but when one doesn't write them down, they fly away in a little bubble don't they.

I have also been working on my beloved booth at Goat Feathers here in Boulder City Nevada. A complete change. A new fresh look, I think, as my display case went to be loved by someone else for a while.

I now have a place for my custom painted furniture and other small pieces from my editing of my home. Yeah! Someone else can love these little pieces.

These are a few pictures of my new booth, and thanks to my amazing friend for helping me haul things around in the midst of her move!

Have a wonderful, healthy, fun Monday Sunshines! Hugs, Kat =^.^=

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