Sunday, July 31, 2011

Goat Feathers latest finds!

Hi Sunshines, wonders never cease when it comes to my Goat Feathers here in my quaint little town of  Boulder City, Nevada! I am one of many dealers and this place is so amazing, new things everyday!

We have a new Dealer, and she has Avon collectibles and beautiful country and horse things. She will do well! I love how she set up her booth!

We have the nicest dealers ever! I cannot wait for the next Potluck get together!

Here are just a few new pictures of some interesting and antique beauties! Enjoy, Love Kat =^.^=

This piece has to be from the 1940s. It is the most beautiful buffet with a fold out top and lined in the green velvet. There is not a mark on this!

There are so very many antique chanty's and I love them all! Brass, white, crystals galore!

Of course, my favourite color, turquoise desk fan! It is is great shape too!

I guess I'm partial to teal stuff! These Siamese cats are so cute!

This is my current booth display case!

There is that teal again! Love it!

Lots of glass and antique bottles!

This booth has so much history, dishes, lovely furniture, hall trees! Wonderful!  Look up on the walls, there are old fashioned cleaning products, glass soda bottles, the old fashioned cereal boxes and just lots of old things our parents used to use! So fun to look at this stuff and the customers, well, you can hear them laughing and talking about growing up using these things!

This secretary is half off! So much detail, wish I had a place for it :( It is one of the wider versions and has lots of cubbys! :)

I hope you enjoyed this visit! See you soon! :)

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