Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Tuesday Thoughts for the day! Where's the ALEVE!

Good Morning Sunshines! Happy Tuesday! I am up and at it early today, can't move very well, but up anyway and will hit again after the coffee!

I was up late last night working in the garage! If I closed my eyes, it felt like the daytime with the heat! 97 deg. WOW. I think I actually lost some weight, looking at the puddle of sweat on the driveway! LOL Yep I sweat, alot! Remember the old TV commercial, "Never Let Um See ya Sweat!" Well I was last night and am glad it was dark! My face was blood red! WOW But I am getting stuff done! Yeah me!

Stuff for garage sale is almost done. Because I am saying so!A couple more days and then I am done! Ready or not!  I am allowed two sales per year here in my little town, three days each, permit required. So I figure what I don't get to this weekend, I will in October when it is a bit cooler! :) And then there is always SPRING! 2012! I am planning ahead!

I will tell you, this is going to be a big sale. Gigantic! It's all good!

What are you doing this week? I hope something like crafting, sewing, painting etc? More fun than me! :( Mine is a necessary evil for now! Have a good Tuesday everyone!

Hugs Kat =^.^=

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