Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy Weekend Sunshines!

This will be a very busy weekend for me, I am editing, cleaning and getting ready for a rather large garage sale this coming weekend! Therefore I am makin a rather large mess as well! LOL

So I hope everyone gets to be outside, enjoy Mother Earth, be with family and friends and have a wonderful weekend!

PS After much thought, I have decided to challenge myself! I have started another Blog, it is No Spending Zone! Check out the sidebar!

Cheers! Kat =^.^= :)


  1. hello kat! sounds like we are doing the same thing this weekend. so sweet of you to stop by my blog and to leave such a wonderful comment. thanks for following. i will follow back and am very interested in your new blog as well. congrats on your decision to live with less.




  2. Hi Shelley! Yep it was time for this mission decision and believe me I am ready for it! My hands are raw from dusting, cleaning to see all of the STUFF I really have! LOL but there is always a bubble bath at the end of the day!
    Oh how I love your blog! thanks for stopping bye and I too will be visiting a lot for the eye candy fix! Yes, I may need encouraging sometime! :) Hugs Kat =^.^=

  3. Wish I could visit your yard sale! Hope you have great success!


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