Saturday, June 18, 2011

Sassy Saturday! Goat Feathers!!!

Good mornin sunshines! It's Saturday and I am off in a little while to spruce up my booth at Goat Feathers here in Boulder City! It is like a living thing, each time I go in there is more to see and new things brought in daily by our Dealers! It really does take one back to childhood! And not to mention it is a blast with the oldies music and old films playing constantly around the 8,000 sq feet of this place.

It used to be the Hoover Dam Laundry, where they washed all the workers clothes that built the dam, and some say it was a really hot (as in heat!) place in there back in the day! I cannot imagine! It is brick, lumber and concrete and pipes! All the architecture is still there in the building and it's like a history lesson.  It is for sure a place to frequent! If you do visit, you might plan on a few hours to look the place over! I hear people laughing and chatting, it just brings back so many memories for me too! :)

Father's Day is tomorrow! Wishing all those wonderful Daddy's everywhere, a very happy one! I would be remiss if I didn't mention my son, who is in his mama's eyes, the best Daddy ever! My son the work-a-holic, however, he spends and does things with his children whenever possible! He is the greatest and I am so very proud of him and in more ways than I can mention here! I love you Joey!

Here are some pictures I hope you enjoy and get a chuckle out of today from Goat Feathers Dealers booths, various, Phyllis, Zelda, and a self-portrait LOL, Niki and mine!

Have a wonderful and fun weekend everyone! Plan that special special day on Sunday won't you? :) Love Kat =^^=

This is my Booth! This is the year of First's for me and this is one of them, I am new to the Booth thing and having fun learning about How To! :) I have met the most dear friends doing so as well, they are sharing with me and it is wonderful!

Niki and her hubby photog! Beautiful pictures! mouse pads, coasters wall hangings! He is a WONDER with the camera!

Cheryl (aka Zelda) a self-portrait! (her words! haha) Are you sittin down?

This next booth belongs to Phyllis! She has a very nostalgic booth as you will see. I like to stand in there and just look at everything because there are so many memories for me, Corning ware, Fuller brush, Tupperware (the oldies) Pyrex, remember them?

When I was a child I had the most beautiful clear acrylic hair brush from Fuller, see how we remember these things? This one picture is of the Fuller brush (teal color round) closet deodorizer that they used to hang up to keep the bugs out! Now we should be using the cedar chips in there! :D My Nana and Mom used a lot of Fuller Brush things!

Last but certainly not least is my Goat Feathers Antique place! We are located behind the Boulder City Historic Hotel. If you come up to visit, plan to spend the day! Our downtown is all within walking distance to eaterys and all of them are great! :) The Park is a great place to plan a picnic, there are several of them, one specifically with the water features for the kiddies! They can also feed the duck family on the lake and fish, just a lot to do and a very fun place to walk around with that small town feel! I am so very blessed to live here! Enjoy...

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  1. Hi Kat! Thought I'd pop by and say thanks for commenting on my sunburst mirror! I LOVE vintage anything for my kitchen and saw some great finds in your pics. ; ) Please make sure to check back every now and then to see what I've done next. I've already added a couple new diy posts. And don't forget to become a follower to get that latest!
    ~ Catie


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