Sunday, June 12, 2011

La vita e 'Bella!

Life is beautiful!

It was a wonderful day, a restful, peaceful, just a wonderful and turned out to be so exciting great day! I was invited to a last minute BBQ by my friends, Miss H and Mr C, and you will never guess what they had up their sleeves for dessert!

Anyway lots of laughs, conversation, meeting new friends! Dinner was great! Dessert consisted of a SPEED BOAT RIDE on Lake Mead so I could see the new Hoover Dam Bridge I have written about! What a GREAT surprise! Random pictures but you get the idea! SO much fun!

I didn't have anything to give these huge Carp! No bread or popcorn! :(

What a ride! about 74 mph worth of speed, fresh air, holding on! LOL just how many times can I say BLAST! WOW! He blasted the music and off we went! They are just a great couple and so spontaneous! I love that about them!

OH how I wish you could have been there with me! The weather was outstanding for June! not a lot of wind, it was JUST PERFECT!! PERFECT!!

Hoover Dam Bridge, we couldn't get much closer due to the tour boat and a couple of other boats out there but it was a scenic wonder for sure!

The Desert Princess was out there touring the Bridge as well.She used to be called the Paddlewheel years and years ago. They host tours and special events.

Before we left, here is the view of the lake from the veranda! Can you imagine waking up to this VIEW! It's BREATHTAKING!

It was a lovely day! I wish you all a wonderful, healthy, peaceful and productive week! Love Kat =^.^=

PaddleWheel Tours back in 2010! note no bridge! :)

Desert Princess Tours today at Lake Mead! Enjoy!

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