Sunday, March 13, 2016

Size Matters!

Holy Crap! (oops!) sorry........ Oh my I am cracking up! And please forgive me or not! I just had to pass this along for whatever reason! You see, I have this thing about recycling just about everything, at least once! So I save the toilet paper cardboard roll insert and use them for lots of things, packing smalls to ship, around wrapping paper, around cords etc. Please notice that big boy on the left!

 Well, I was trying to organize them, and well, guess what! I think the TP companies are on to something. They are making the center cardboard piece larger so you really are not getting maybe what you think you are on that roll. They also went to a white inner roll, thinner piece of cardboard instead of the brown heavier one, on some brands. I also just noticed three different sizes! What? Are we running out of cardboard or something????  I know I'm nuts!

Anyway I just found this interesting, I'm old and easily amused these days I guess and at my age, I seem to notice everything anymore. So, there you have it! Size does matter when purchasing toilet papers! Who knew! :) Oh and please disregard my sarcasm, and me being so literal, I was told recently it runs on my side of the family! And am I glad verses the stuff the other side of the family does lol! I'll take sarcasm any day! You just would not believe it! A huh, I think they should ask me if I care! So there you have it! I know who really cares! lol

Hoping you are having a wonderful first day of Daylight Savings Time, if you had to switch the clocks, I am running an hour behind everything today! :) And, apparently it is a goof off day if I have time to take pictures, download them, and post on the blog! I should be working! :)

Take care, and have a great week! Kat

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