Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Stormin Norman! Out like a Lyon! Burr cold, storms a comin!

Greetings!Going to be "out like a Lyon" if the weather holds true, and it probably will! We are expecting, dare I say, wait for it, snow! Yep the white stuff, New Years Eve.  

Right now, it is very windy and very cold and yesterday morn I woke up to 28 deg feels like 21! Oh wow, well...... okdokie!

I will welcome it since I will be "in" this New Years Eve! Oh, yes, I'm just your average home body-ette! lol

Anyway, you will find me snuggled in bed with the "three dog night" crew with my English tea in hand and a good if not great movie or two!  It's gonna be a cold one!

I have once again wrapped the outside pipes and some of my precious plants, my two dwarf lemons at the base, hoping they will not die this year. Since I removed them from their plastic pots, I think the roots were cooking in there, and replanted them this past Spring into large large clay pots, they are thriving and are almost eight feet tall!

They were just a lovely gift from a neighbor who asked me if I would like them, me, OMG I couldn't say yes fast enough! I just love smelling the leaves! lemon, one of my faves.

No lemons yet, the wind in March seems to blow off those little white buds, so sad. Maybe this year I will cover them with light cheesecloth? Any ideas out there, anyone have the same issues?

Anyway, hoping you guys are all snug as a bug in a rug,

I will be doing the batten down the hatches thing here for sure, storm on the way......

xo kat


  1. Loving your lemon trees! Stay warm and snuggly and have a fab New Years Eve. I will be staying in and watching telly too! xx

  2. Hi there thanks! You as well, I already got the DVD on! Clue, funny movie, I don't have TV or cable anymore and I'm loving it and not having that large bill either! lol Thanks for stoppin by, you have a good evening as well! xo kat


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