Sunday, October 6, 2013

happy gorgeous Sunday!

Good morning! Yes I know its late, but I stay up and crochet very very late! lol

I will be spending quality time in my girl cave today! (when I finally "step away" from this computer!) lol
Hopefully more organizing but really, I just love to stand in there and look at all the progress Ive made regarding me finding my stuff! I'm loving it!
It has finally cooled off enough for me to handle being outside! Cooler weather is very welcomed at this point! The older I get the less I can handle that triple digit temps !

Ok, help and let me know if you have the same issues! ?
When one has many options, it is very hard to make a decision! Know what I mean? Well I apparently have not one but three coffee tables! (Note: selling off my inventory from my booths and consignment pieces I finished :)
 Who needs three! But, lol, I have options, many options!
While I like this shabby storage coffee table, it is for sale now :), due to the size of my living room I think I need a longer lower sleeker glass one to make the room seem a little larger!
  I will miss you storage chest!

A couple of days ago I started painting the older sturdy plastic pots I brought with me from my other home! Spending some quality time outside!!!
I love the shabby look, its just paint! but all are the same now.  I may let them go too, (for cheap! ) not sure, have a few more projects to get done today, so I will be in the great outdoors yet again! wo hoo!
Here's hoping you have a wonderful, peaceful, nice day! Spend some of it outside enjoying Mother Nature! :)
hugs kat =^.^=

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  1. Hi...thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Glad you liked the yardstick project...easy, but so useful. Love your blog. I'm off to follow you now!


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