Monday, July 2, 2012

Alo's Attic Antiques and more

Hello Sunshines! and Happy July! WOW the heat is something here in the quaint little town, today 106 degrees, and to say the road is rough is putting it mildly! :)

I had the pleasure of visiting Chris at Alo's Attic up on the highway, at 733 Nevada Way (right next to the SouthWest Diner) this morning, and saw so very many lovely things for sale I just had to post for you! Their phone number is 702 293-2567, email is

Come up for breakfast, everyplace here in town is a great place to eat, great food, then stroll the town and stop by Alos, they are open seven days a week!

As you can see the town beautification process has the sidewalks in a mess so parking for Alos is in the back, behind the diner. All of this construction should be finished soon! If you come up (from Vegas) to visit, turn right just before the diner and then a quick left for parking. I think construction has removed the street sign, great! :)

Prices are very reasonable, the antiques, well some are one of a kind, you just cannot find these anymore. There is one just drop dead silver antique punch bowl set that if you know of anyone that loves to entertain or is planning  a lovely wedding, well this is a show stopper for sure and under a hundred dollars for the whole set! You can't beat the price!

There are tons of signs, the old fashion hand saws, I've seen people paint lovely scenes on these, suitcases, desks, victorian pieces, way to many to mention. :) The saws run from ten dollars for small and medium to one that was forth-five that was almost six feet long!

Chris and his family are just lovely, he is following in Dad's footsteps, and he is well on his way! The store is large and absolutely lovely, and full of the most beautiful things! (lots of pics below :)

Lots of eye candy for those Coca Cola lovers, steins, signs, old photos, a gorgeous piano and oh did I mention tons of just beautiful furniture too!

Enough of my chatter, plan to visit often, his store info will be on the side bar now and I will be visiting often to show you all the new things that come in almost everyday! I understand a website and blog is in the making as well, and I'm told new pics will be posted soon! He told me his new sign will be up this week too! So, oh gee, I guess I will have to take another day off and visit this week! lol

Grab that cuppa jo and I hope you enjoy your visit! Happy Monday! Stay cool! hugs kat =^.^=

here goes.......

To say I had fun this morning is an understatement! I should have stayed home and cleaned or something! ha! I'm still editing and working at my business (film at 1100) but needed a lovely break today! wo hoo!

Lovely dining set, large and small pieces, all in pristine condition!

I had to stop and just smile at this tv tray! It's metal, very vintage, I just loved it! It so reminded me of my Nana! She always had one or six of these usually in a set! The typewriter is not bad either!:) A sweet true antique that I think everyone should have in their home, just in case the computer, ipad, iphone, laptop or computer goes out on them! Then they can show the kids how it should really be done! :)

Notice that very unique leather chair, this reminds me of new york loft design, one perfect, very unique piece for that special place in the man cave, family room or living area. This one is just lovely and very different! Shelves of all kinds of steins, walls of metal signs, glassware.

Armoirs with keys, wow; desks, victorian trunks, chairs galore, it was just a blast to go see all these things!

Parking is in the back, hope you get a chance to stop on in when visiting our quaint little town, it is becoming more quaint and green, a great family place to stroll and sit, and eat ice cream! Hope you enjoyed this rather long post, but I did really enjoy myself this day! hugs..........=^.^=

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