Saturday, May 26, 2012

Memorial Day

Hello Sunshines! This is the long weekend, a celebration of
Memorial Day.

What does Memorial Day mean to you? Three days off! Bar-b-que? Fun with family and friends?

Please remember that our military will not be with their family this weekend. Nor will  they have any days off to celebrate. They will be working through the holiday, for you and me! The fallen will be remembered by their families and friends.

I hope that everyone remembers Memorial Day and all the days in between, our fallen soldiers, men and women, who work, fight, live everyday for us to be free! They are separated from their families for very long periods of time, men and women, children, husbands, wives and family.

Please remember each day you are able to do what you wish, to say anything, to go anywhere, to do anything. 

Be thankful and grateful for our military, as they work so very hard everyday at sometimes a thankless job so we can be free. The quiet, behind the scene heroes!

Remember to say thank you to our Veterans, thank you so "I, you, we"can be free.

There is a special place in my heart for the Air Force and all the military core.  I worked with them for almost three decades! Such hard working, dedicated, loyal people to friends and family. You will never find such love of country!

Cherish them, honor them. Say thank you! Teach your children to respect them! They are the ultimate givers! Hugs Kat =^.^=


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    1. Hi Ellie, I've been so busy with repairing my home and re-decorating, add in a new consign adventure! Well, I eat, sleep, dream paint! And I've been painting so much that my new nail polish apparently comes from Ace Hardware! LOL
      I think I'm back though! Thanks for asking :) And I hope you are happy and well! :) hugs =^.^=


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