Thursday, May 3, 2012

UPDATE UPDATE - Krazy Person, Full Moon, Just Plain Hysterical!

Hello Sunshines, well I just "fed" the lawn! at 1030PM! Because the WIND finally stopped blowing for a minute or two!

Well anyone driving by, hum, what can I say! Think a double take and a slow down, I was laughing! It's the middle of the night people!!!!! And?........................:)Well! we go again! What's a girl to do!!!!! ")

The beauty of a Moon is Full or almost (ok ok 95% full! WHATEVER! :) lol, so out I went! bucket in hand!

Not a really good before pic (this was taken in the daytime! haha) but I will take an after in a few days to see if this "magic" stuff really works! :) And report back! Name of product pending! :)

Ta Ta Ta Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa do you feel anxiety, wanting to know "What the heck did she use! Will it work? Who took pictures of this krazy lady in the middle of the night and posted it on YouTube!?" What was SHE THINKING!? or better yet! WHEN are the people with the WHITE COATS coming?"

Aren't you JUST a little curious!................. Well, ya have to wait! :) So there! :)

I have been waiting for three days to get this stuff on the ground but the 30 mph GUSTING up to 35mph just wouldn't stop! Boo hooooooooooooooooooooo! So..........

Krazy? Yep, but what the heck!

I am, after all, RETIRED! and all of us OLDIES are KRAZY! I guess :) and can do WHAT we want WHEN we want! LOL

Film at 1100pm! LOL or in a few! :) hugs Kat =^.^= (wish me luck I didn't burn the whole thing!!!!)

Well, it has been a few weeks since I threw gypsum on my lawn.
It looks a little better but not as good as I expected.  The wind here is awful, and I call it the hair dryer effect! Just drys everything down to the bone and it is very hard to water with these conditions.

Years ago and now I follow Jerry Baker, master gardener for K-Mart. He has just lovely books and utilizes his grandma's recipes for the garden.

When the phosphorus was in the liquid dish soap, I would pour a cheap bottle in the
miracle grow fertilizer container and spray away, bubbles everywhere, nuts, but it worked as it opened up the ground to accept water much better. I didn't have to water as much even in triple digit weather here! It was wonderful.

 NOTE: Miracle Grow is the best out there for everything in your yard, your herbs, containers, everything. It is a foliar feed as well. It is the best product and I have used it for over 40 years! Wow am I OLD! LOL

Now since that chemical is removed, I had to find something else so the water wouldn't run off. Gypsum is supposed to do the same thing, I did two applications, but will do again when it cools off, directions are once in the spring and once in the winter to prepare the ground.

I think I waited too long, was trying for a calm day! Anyway I will use it again this winter along with nitrogen, which does the green up stuff. There is a numbers ratio for all fertilizers, here is how you figure out what you require and at what time of year.

For example, I cannot use 16-20-0 in the summer because it will burn up a lawn almost immediately. 16-20-0 is also good to throw down on the dirt before you lay sod. I think I know why I have added to my back issues! :)

Anyway Gypsum  is like talcum powder consistency but waters in well with the hose. I do think it helped a little but I am a little disappointed.  Gypsum is available at most garden centers and Home Depot and Lowe's as well, and is very inexpensive.

You might want to try it, it is safer than some fertilizers.  So here are the after photos! :) hugs Kat =^.^=

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