Friday, April 6, 2012

Collections and Colanders!

Hello Sunshines! I was asked the other day, "how many colanders does one person require?"

Pondering that thought, well, hum, I guess I "need" about between eight and ten! :) I'm thinkin!

I really do love them, use them, the colors are the best and well, I am an avid collector I guess, among other things we will not discuss at this time! (it's a sickness!) LOL

So sharing that fact, I apparently need many! ha ha Having noticed that I have SO many I did edit and "only" two of them went out and onto the garden shelf to become succulent plant holders soon!

Well,I am now down to seven! It "is" kinda funny, who needs that many, really! :) Do you think it is excessive/obsessive! :) How many do you guys have! And be honest! :)

Have a great Friday night Sunshines! I will! :) Hugs Kat =^.^=


  1. I will say that I have more than one collander! I am loving yours!

    1. Hi Teresa! OH GOOD! I am being teased for my multiples and I LOVE IT! And it is so OK! :) The big copper is one of my faves for all the veggies I like to steam and the little turq one for cherry toms! See they are all pretty functional! LOL thanks for visiting! Hugs Kat =-^.^=


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