Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The W word! And I don't mean WOW!

OK, wind wind and more wind, to the tune of 85 mph in Pahrump NV last night! Here in Boulder City I am so sure we got past 50 mph at some point!  CRASH BOOM BANG! Things flew off the roof, off the wall, moved some of the things I had sitting on the side of the garage, I've not seen wind like that in a long time!I am afraid to go out this morning and review! Maybe I will have that OTHER cuppa Jo first! :)

Last night was my Knit n Bitch session at the local Starbucks! I blew into the parking lot, blew inside I do believe it was warmer outside than in! I had that wonderful wind-blown look! Spiked hair standing on end, dirt in the eyeballs, gritty skin, just grand! OK lets knit! Wo Hoooo

Has anyone else noticed that that place is FREEZING in there! I had to leave early, I couldn't feel my legs anymore!  Plus it started raining! OK gotta go! :)

Got up this morning and it is a whole 38 degrees, the weather folks said we could expect a 20 degree drop and they were correct, for once! :)

I finished my project hat at home where it was warm! In the Summer I think we will move locations to an outside eatery, THAT will be fun! The nights here in Boulder City are lovely! Everyone walks and sits outside on our main street. Tons of fun!

Hope you all have a great day, I know I will! Hugs Kat =^.^=

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