Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Oatman Arizona!

Good morning Sunshines! I've been a busy gal to say the least lately! And no news is good news they say! (NO Theys! LOL)

I recently took a great trip with family to Oatman, AZ! WHAT A BLAST! If you ever get to Boulder City, NV, please take the time to see Hoover Dam, truly a wonder of the world and so awesome, and travel on to Laughlin, NV, a great, very clean little city with lots to do and see!

Oatman, AZ is not far from there with wild animals, gunfights, and that Ol Western Feel! WOW what fun! We spent most of the day there and walked the street (notice I said street!) and stopped in all the little quaint shops for sure!

I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I had fun taking them! My Sis did all the driving and believe me, she faced her "fears" the back way into Oatman, very curvy roads and thank goodness we didn't meet anyone coming the other way! Talk about narrow! My Sis, Brother in Law and I had a blast to say the least!

He was the front seat back seat driver and I was the official back seat driver laughing all the way there! I will be going back soon, I didn't get to see all of everything and I like to "linger" in interesting places like that! More pictures too!

Enjoy, see you soon Sunshines! Have a great week! Hugs Kat =^.^=

A quick get-a-way is always good for the soul especially with family! We met up in Laughlin and headed out! My Sis brought her "loom" stuff with her so I could show her how to make hats and that was fun!

I left Laughlin about midnight and headed back home, only an hour's drive. SearchLight is a little town you pass through, blink, and you've missed it! It's cute, I will be stopping there to check the place out next trip! Nice roads, cheap gas, great places to see, stuff to do, eaterys! It was great fun!

It was the perfect day, weather was great!

Did I warn ya? I take lots of pictures! I still need to get that fancy smachny digital CANON CAMERA! I love my camera! :) That new one I want is on the TOP O MY WISH LIST!!!!!! I need to get close-ups!!!! :) LOL

They stayed at the AQUARIUS HOTEL, a great clean place, great food, and clean rooms! The view was awesome! They have boat shuttles that take you across the river! We sat in the room and watched the sunset and the boats fly by! What a view! Lots of critters and history in Oatman, walked our legs off! When we got back to Laughlin, we went across the street to the big LAUGHLIN MALL OUTLET there! OH NO JUST STOP ME!  It was a great day indeed!

Here are some pics of up and down the main street in Laughlin NV. We were looking for a place to plop and eat! Long day and ended up back at the Aquarius Resort Casino at the OUTBACK inside the casino, and WOW it was just so good! did I mention it was almost 80 degrees!

Hope you had fun visiting Laughlin NV, and Oatman AZ! So hey! Pack your bags, can you say ROAD TRIP! Get on the road! Summer is a commin! This is fun for the whole family! :)

I'll be back soon with more fabulous news on what's haps in my life lately! VERY EXCITING!

xo -^.^=

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