Monday, December 12, 2011

Last of the Clematis?

Hello Sunshines! It is a bit gloomy this morning as you can see. But my little clematis is still hanging on I find!

This little baby always sometimes looks dead but really is not! I sure hope she will open up that beauty of a purple flower so I can snap a picture before the rains come!

Have a great day Sunshines! Hugs Kat =^.^=


  1. I can't see where you live, I am in Orlando and we had a dark and rainy day also, I will have some flowers hanging on, my hibiscus and magnolias are still blooming...I hope we don't have a freeze this year!!


  2. Hi Carol, yes it got worse today it went from dull gloomy misty to RAIN RAIN RAIN but thankfully it has stopped for a time! I am in Boulder City Nv! Desert, flat, usually hot! Where the heck is the SUN! :) LOL I still have a few flowers but my succulents are suffering with the colder weather, last week we froze down to 28 deg! WOW :) We have your freeze!!!!! :)YIKES!!!!! Hugs kat =^.^=


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