Friday, November 18, 2011

Mannequins -French Black with stand

Hi Sunshines, I have never done this but I want to share some things with you today! I have some things for sale that might be of interest to my blogger friends! Those of you that wish to display clothing or jewelry, re-vamp, or utilize, maybe in a booth area :)

I absolutely LOVE mannequins of all kind! All kind! I couldn't afford that old French one with the bottom metal cage just yet (if ever!:) but I did find something that would satisfy my need to display clothes, jewelry in my booth and at home!

I kinda fell into a deal! So I will throw this out there for you, and I am sharing if you want one.

They are the French Black type, jersey covered in excellent condition with shiny black adjustable stand, with the top finale as well.

They are $75.00 each plus shipping, let me know if you want insurance too, there are 8 pieces to each one, the body, the top finished piece, the adjustable rod and the bottom legs.  

If you are interested, email me at and send me your info and we can configure the shipping/insurance costs. I am in the 89005 zip code in Nevada. I am also a smoke free home :)

First come first serve basis guys, I have a few of these and will keep you posted on the availability.

I also have four of the hanging French Black plastic molded women's figure, half figure. They are "Female Torso Body Mannequin Form - can hold shorts or a skirt and a top type- mannequin." They are $20.00 each plus shipping. I am using one in my booth too! :)

Here is a pic of the other side of this one, you can also stand it up in a corner and push the hanger back to hide it if you want. Kinda neat!

Have a wonderful weekend Sunshines! We are "blowing away" today with the 40 plus mph winds! What's that old saying? "Hold on to your wig ETHEL!!!"  :)

Hugs Kat :)

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