Sunday, October 9, 2011

Salvage Designs

Hi Sunshines, well just got done gardening, yea it is 7:15PM! Well it was just a gorgeous day, about 75 degrees then 80 just wonderful and beautiful and much cooler now. 

Earlier I met up with my dear friend for a lovely stroll through the town and visit our new antique shops for a peek! This is a walking town. There are many places to sit and beautiful statues all over. Oh how I wanted to go to Grandma Daisy's for ice cream!

I mowed my front lawn, with a push mower, I trimmed the edges with my gloves and the clippers. I swept all of the mess up AND THEN I rolled around on the lawn until I could get up!! :)  and I still had a little daylight left to work on my new finds.

This week should get up to 90 degrees again though! Wow for October! I just hope it is warm for the little ones at Halloween! Spookykat :)

I've been working on a re-design at my home and at my Goat Feathers booth lately, and working part time now.  I have some very nice architectural design pieces, and I am cleaning them up a bit for the booth.

I also have some very tall shutters that I wanted to install on the front of my home somewhere to give it some more character but not sure they will fit where I want them! I guess they looked smaller at the salvage place!

My master bedroom is going French Chic Shabby! That's a mouthful huh! But that is the look I am going for. Very comfortable, inviting, peaceful and a place to "retire" in the evening, sit and read a book, watch a movie, or just meditate. A "quiet" at the end of the day.

Even though I live now in a cute little single story cottage, I do "retire" and what I call "shut down the house" each day, meaning I go to my room for a time out! LOL and stay there! I get my water, some cheese and crackers, grapes, maybe a glass of wine, my books and magazines and there you go!

I have learned long ago to try and take care of myself, to pamper me, and most of all not to feel guilty doing things for myself. A facial, a pedicure, I have always done my own, my wonderful Mom used to call it "primping!" :)  and just taking a little bit more special care for yourself.

I have to tell you one more thing, how blessed I feel lately. I have wonderful friends that are so caring and helpful in so many ways, they just don't know how much!   Just a hug now and then, a smile, I talk they listen. I also am so very thankful for you Sunshines! and your lovely comments!

I thank the Lord for my new digs and the friends I've made for life. I really doubt that I will ever move from this wonderful small town.

I hope Columbus Day is a good one for you. I wish you love, health, peace and a fun week to come! Cherish each day, choose to be happy and love one another.  Hugs, Kat =^.^=

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