Monday, October 17, 2011


Hi Sunshines! well I have been at it for two days now, cleaning the shed out back! I installed my shelving units (just had to put them together, got to use a really big hammer! LOL) and get some stuff organized!

It's a really nice shed, it came with the house so someday I want to turn it into a little reading area, with a couple of windows for ventilation! Maybe a little screen door!

I had a garden mirror and it is so sunny here I was afraid to put it in the garden for fear of reflection on something or someone!! So I just set it up on the work shelf! I also dropped an extra piece of white board there to work on, it's a nice surface for that. I do have a couple of wood shelves, but will have to get help someday putting them up! Kat's little play house! We'll see! A girl can dream !!:)

I am pooped and stinky!! So here are some pics of the garden, hope you enjoy! Cause I'm off to the shower and do my nails and just rest! I got SO much done! I am happy Kat today!  Even though it was 94 deg today in October!! WOW

The Clematis are blooming! The most beautiful purple blooms!

I thought that this bougainvillea died last winter, it was SO cold, down in the high 20's at times even in the desert, I tried to cover it and really thought it was a goner, BUT it came back with a fury this summer, the color is so vivid!

The red geranium! I love them! So did my Mom. This little one has had a hard time with the heat this year, 117 deg on the patio one week, THAT was a wild week!

If you know me at all, I'm big on yard art! I love it! I think it adds just a touch of whimsy to the garden, even if most of it at this house in the backyard is concrete! It is a lot of work caring for my plants here, I think it is much hotter here in my quaint little town!

Here is the last set of something I find very interesting this year for some reason. I've been watching how the yard changes, since this is my year of firsts here, these particular pictures reflect a lot of change over the summer, especially out back! There are some railroad ties there standing on end, and a bunch of wood in the copper outdoor fireplace just waiting for that match!

I honestly can hardly wait for the cooler evenings, so I can sit out there, with a nice fire and some hot chocolate and a blanket!

I hope you all have a wonderful Tuesday and rest of the week! I'll be back soon! Hugs Kat =^.^=

I just love the texture of this wood! It is aged, the patina is lovely, sure does add a lot of character, just this little bit of it!

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