Thursday, July 7, 2011

I AM learning so much

Wow add this week to another one that flew by huh! Let's see, flash flooding on a daily basis, humidity, cooler temp, flying asphalt roof shingles, yeah, I know, and a great week so far! It's all good!

Things will get better and fixed as necessary, but I am sorry I've been away. I want to thank everyone that leaves me wonderful comments because they make me smile and I read every one!

Thank you!  from the bottom of my heart!

My happy and sad news is, however,  I also have a really dear dear new friend that is leaving our little town at the end of this month! It was kinda sudden, spontaneous, and all good to be closer to her daughter and son in law.

While I am so very happy for her, I am also being selfish, at times, because I will miss her so very much! But my tears are of joy for her. She has been my rock here in my little town since I am still relatively new here and all, but I am happy for her and we giggled there is always SKYPE and email and texting, although even with my glasses on it's hysterical trying to decipher my hieroglyphics cause I can't see the Blackberry keys!

SO, that being said, I am linking up to her blog today, in hopes you will stop by for a visit. We have been able to bounce ideas off one another and have brainstorm sessions galore! That's always fun! She will always be on my blog sidebar as well.

Let me introduce you to my friend, Joya over at Be Happy Go Lucky blog. To say that she is a great writer, is an understatement! A true gifted writer. I have told her she might think about writing a book please. A small book called "unfettered and alive." Just a book I can turn to any page and get inspiration, and carry with me. I would love that, and so would you! :)

Joya is one of the most profound writers to me, because she writes first from the heart. She makes so much sense, is kind and mindful in her writings and somehow, her words just flow onto the page with such grace with deep immense meaning.  She is a thinker before pen to paper, and she will ponder what to say before she speaks as well. A very interesting soul.

Her writings are an easy read, and makes you think. How would you look at her topics or thoughts in regards to your life, family, friends, yourself. Somehow I feel better after reading her posts. I guess I then have a different outlook on life, people, emotions, and the day. A new "out" look. And my day goes better and has been better than most lately. I am learning from my wise metaphysical friend.

I would say to everyone who is reading this post today, please check out her blog, her writings, because you will find some of yourself there. Her outlook on things is amazing, her words, quiet, the meaning, well, profound on most of her daily posts.. They are her feelings about things, she is sharing, but they seem to be there when one needs a positive read, a truthful write, a quiet thought.

If you think I think she is awesome, you are very correct. She is a wealth of information for everyone. A wise owl! She is my friend, and I love her dearly.

Please wish her with me, all the love in the world in her new place, wherever that may be. :) xo With Love Kat =^.^=

I leave you today with a few random pictures that make me smile and I hope they do the same for you.

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