Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy Saturday! Sew It's Tea!?

Mornin sunshines! Hope your week was a good one! I've been busy and now getting ready for a garage sale, so sorting and editing to see what goes to my booth at Goat Feathers and what can go to the yard sale! Decisions decisions!

I am linking up to a few blog hops and parties with my handmade pin cushions. I have named them "Sew It's Tea?" This is one of my fave color naturally, with a hummingbird, some delicate little flowers, and a handmade french ribbon rose I made for the top.  I used blue wire I found and wrapped it around a pencil to get the curly thingie, and bb's in plaster of paris to weight the bottom of the tea cup. These were fun, another road to the instant gratification!

Items needed to make this little pretty, stop by your fave thrift or hunt your cupboards for that cherished teacup and make use of it :)

teacup and saucer
bb's and plaster of paris (i used old ice tray to make heavy cubes to fit inside the cup) :)
material, small round circle
trim to cover up the glue (glue gun was used)
toppers, you pick
1 old costume jewel earring (top)
a little birdy or something you love to look at

then start building it from the bottom up, I used a glue gun to stick the saucer to the teacup and a little stuffing to make the top puffy as well. I have posted front and back of the top so you can see the french wire ribbon, I love that stuff, and I made the teal one by hand. You can make these pretty much from things you already have around the house, now take a peek, and I would so love to hear what you think of these? This little one will be going down to my booth Goat Feathers soon! Have a great weekend! Love Kat =^.^=

Please stop over to see Courtney at French Country Cottage, Feathered Nest Friday, be sure to have the kleenex box because you will be drooling over this beautiful blog, the pictures, her writings! I love it! All of these ladies and their blogs are just amazing, beautiful pictures, just eye candy! Thank you for having parties! I have learned so very much from everyone! love love!! =^/^=


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Have a good one everybody! xoxox


  1. Kat, your tea cup/pincushions are adorable! I am in a show (for the first time) in the Middle Tennessee area this fall. I spent the entire day yesterday making pincushions so I was very excited to see your post. Mine are not nearly as elaborate as yours. I am wondering, since you make these for resale, would you mind sharing your pricing? Thanks, Donna

  2. What an adorable pin cushion! I have a friend who would love one just like it -- maybe I'll have to give it a whirl sometime!

  3. You are so sweet! :) I love your darling pincushion!! What a charming idea to place it in the tea cup and love all the sweet details you added!! So glad you came over and linked up at Feathered Nest Friday this week!! :)

  4. What a great idea! I have oodles of teacups but don't want to give them away or deface them :-( Love the peonies in your header.


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