Monday, June 6, 2011

Mondays Thoughts

When I let go of what I am..........
I become what I might be.............

When I let go of what I have............
I receive what I need............

The Tao

I found this quote a long time ago, not sure where, but it is very profound if you think about it, and it seems to apply today specifically to me!

I have been editing, cleaning and basically making a mess in each room doing so!

If only, I could stay in one room and finish it!
If only, I could get one completed say in a week, really!
If only, I did what I say and not as I do!
If only.

So, I know I am not in alone in this, so now the plan is to do the baby steps again, and attempt to set time aside, specific time, to complete one room then move on. This will include editing, moving things around, tossing, patching walls etc., all of it!

Painting will be the very last thing I accomplish.

Please share how you attack these issues? How do you accomplish this? I could use some pointers about now, I think! LOL Before I take my tall glass of water (tryin to do the 8 BIG glasses thing again) outside and just sit and think about the mess I've made.......again! :P

Oh and BTW, there will be NO PICTURES on the above! haha I bet you can just visualize it! :( Maybe when I am done, then my cottage shabby chic pics will show up!

Happy Monday! Love Kat =^.^=
OH NO! There she goes.........outside again! :P

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