Sunday, June 5, 2011

Busy Week! Lots of Pics!

Hello Sunshine’s, this was a beautiful week and a very busy week at Goat Feathers too!

It was warm and not too hot!  P E R F E C T !! :P
I drove around my little town Saturday and got some pictures of some gorgeous hollyhocks!  Not sure if these are from our town’s “heirloom” Godbey Family original plants, but if you want, you can purchase babies in 2” pots in front of the Historic Boulder City Hotel and plant some in your own garden! I did and  I hope mine will grow to look like these! They were about six foot tall and at least four feet wide.
Sunday stopped by my fave Central Market here in town, could not believe the size of this yellow pepper! YES, it really is the same size as the strawberry box! I love the yellow and the red peppers; they are so much sweeter than the green! Making a larger batch of my version of the Corn and Black Bean Salsa, and it “did” turn out fantastic! Big bowl, big spoon all for me! HA! :P
I decided that I will use the canned kernel corn instead of cooking fresh corn and then cutting it off the ear! Much simpler! And also decided to add some green onions as well as the yellow for color and flavor! Try it, the recipe is in an older post! :P
Finally, my garden herbs are all planted and doing wonderful! My secret was always Miracle Grow Soil mix with the 6 month feed, however, this year I am experimenting with Sta-Green brand,,   with the feed also.  Just a note, remember not to ever discount the plants on 50% off, they usually just need water and a little love! Check out how healthy this little heavenly bamboo looks just after a few days!
The Sta-Green was less expensive, on sale, 2 cubic foot size with what looks like the same type soil and additives. I did check the “reviews” from other Lowe’s customers and thought I would try it. Will keep you posted on how the plants are doing. So far so good though!
I hope you all enjoy the pictures, have a wonderful happy and healthy week everyone! Hugs Kat =^.^=

Begin my Summer herb garden, 4 plants to the pot will last all Summer into Winter!

Parsley, Purple Basil (new to me!) Basil, Peppermint, Spearmint, Chives, Cilantro, Jalapeno, Sage, Rosemary, Thyme and Lavender for some nice Teas!

Yellow Pepper! It is GIGANTIC!

Bamboo plants, just a little love needed! They were $2.00 instead of $7.00! What a deal! SCORE! LOL

Oh how I love love love how the setting sun shines on the colors of my plants!

Hugs Kat =^.^=

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