Tuesday, June 14, 2011

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Good morning Sunshines! Hope your day started off with a happy note!

Remembering the little things, the cherished, childhood, friends, all the little stuff walked across my forehead this mornin early on! First off, what started it was last night as I strolled out back, looked up! WOW the MOON WAS SO BIG! and SO BEAUTIFUL! remember, tomorrow is another eclipse!

Then this morning, out back early, so quiet, so wonderful, listening to the birds and just being. Planning my day. It's gonna hit the triple digits today too!

Editing and cleaning found "this," gonna hang it in my studio/office to look at daily! The message is "very clear!" Please consider it everyday as it pertains to you, me, everyone; family, friends, near and dear! If you keep a day timer or schedule book of some kind, why not write this at the top today! :D

I truly believe it is all the little things that make our day, memories, and in this fast run run run world of ours, sometimes it's time to hit the brakes! Even if for just a little while!  Sit, stop the car,just breathe,and call someone you love, just to say you were thinking of them and that you love them!  :D Enjoy, I Love YOU!! Kat =^.^=

Morning yard!

So I sat, this morning, for a time, quiet, enjoying the front porch, the birds, the sun shining on the lawn and my plants, and I was still. Think I will try this again this afternoon with a popcicle! :D Have a happy day! xo

My view from the porch!

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