Wednesday, May 18, 2011

JICAMA! (hick-ka-ma)

Good morning Sunshines! The Jicama (root) was first introduced to me by my Mom many years ago. She had cut it up in strips and dropped them in a bowl of ice water along with carrots and celery, we always had this handy in the ice box (fridge) I had never seen one. I guess it was something someone recommended or she saw at the market and decided to try it! SO glad she did! I love these and so do kids! :P
It tastes like a cross between a raw potato and an apple and is delicious and very refreshing! You have to peel the outside skin and it can sometimes be tuff so be careful! I like it raw but you can use in cooking dishes as well, try it! It is a nice tasty treat to add to a late night snack with few calories! (INSTEAD OF CHOCOLATE CHIP MINT! HA!) You can also use it in a juicer! But that’s another post, I love my Jack LaLanne!

So start getting your Summer on guys and gals, the sun, the beach, swimming, patio gardening,backyard picnics? and snacks!
While we are expecting a little thunderstorm action today,I love weather like this :P,I will be out in it getting my hands dirty!
I hope you "choose" to have a wonderful, happy healthy day! Hugs Kat =^.^=

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