Monday, May 23, 2011

Happy Monday! What a great day!

Today was an especially good day! Weather is 81 deg with 31 mph winds, the clouds are beautiful and I have a little visitor again!

I think he has moved in for a little while until he gets some strength back! We had a little talk, he is welcome to stay with me forever! I am truly blessed! I hope you had a special day too?

As you can tell I am very fond of birds and also insects but thats another story! Anyway this little guy was in my driveway last week, I backed the car out and there he stood in all his little glory! Just staring at me like, why did you move my shade!!

So I got out and scooted him over behind the side yard in the shade and thought Momma Bird was surely somewhere watchin over this little baby. I have not seen her and today he was back, by the front door, sittin in my boots, they were just a wee bit big for him LOL and I was surprised, as we were talking, that I could get about a foot away to take a picture of him. He is SO cute!

He has that wide baby mouth, he can fly just a little but not enough just yet so I am the watchful Nana over him for now. Put some water in a dish and a squiggly worm, his comment was "thanks for the water, that squiggly thing, not so much!" so off that little worm went back in the garden. Isn't he just the cutest little guy! I love him! I have a ton of birds in my yard daily in the afternoon. They make such beautiful music!

Isn't it always nice to have a "sign" to slow one down sometimes? Something out of the ordinary to catch your interest? Have you had any experiences like this and didn't it make you feel special? It is nice to have "thought" ful experiences, to reflect perhaps, and be "thank" ful for a little Mother Nature in your life and so close!

I just sat on the bench on the porch and watched this little living thing star at me. He wasn't afraid and that was wonderful. He will probably fly away next week, he can almost make it over the 4 footer fence on the side yard and I will be happy then, as I worry about him just a few feet off the ground you know! So I "check on him alot! :P

Here are some other pictures I hope you enjoy on this Monday! I am wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead! Rest, relax, rejuvinate!

What do you see?

Hugs Kat =^.^=

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