Monday, May 30, 2011

A Beautiful Memorial Day, Reflecting and Food

It was just a beautiful day, a beautiful Memorial Day with lots of memories for me. I visited with dear friends and sat on a park bench and chatted with another new friend! I went to Goat Feathers to do some re-arranging in my booth and visited with a lovely older gentleman, his wife and their friends they brought into the store.

We had met about two weeks ago in the store, laughed and talked , he is 84 years young, a Veteran, and shared some stories with us. They remembered me today and shared they had just been to the Veterans Cemetery here for the Memorial Day ceremony. It was lovely. God Bless them all!

Well, our little Boulder City “Central Market” has just the BEST FRESH PRODUCE I have ever seen. I go there rather than the big stores most of the time. Everything is FRESH; there is a brand there, Western Family, which is wonderful!

If you are ever here visiting, please stop by, say hello, it is a lovely little place! Bring your cooler because you will want to “transport” some of this fresh food back to your house! :P

I have been buying their homemade “Salsa” and “Corn and Black Bean Salsa” and well, I can eat one container with a spoon! So I am attempting to make my own (so it might last a little longer than 10 minutes! LOL) If I had a plastic spoon in the car ( Hummmm great idea! LOL) it would be gone by the time I got home! It is THAT GOOD!

So here we go, my version, as I type this, is “melding flavors” in the fridge! It is very hard not to grab a big spoon and watch HGTV with it! BUT I will wait until tomorrow, maybe a “side” with Eggs Ranchero! Woo HOO NOW I am hungry again! :P In the Summer, I just love the fresh veggies!

By the pictures, you will see it will be a great week of fresh recipes for me!

Here is my recipe; I will let you know how it turned out. You can start with this as a “base” I believe, I have not added any spices to it, I might add just a hint of kosher salt and a little freshly ground pepper later and give it a stir.

If you try it, or have any other suggestions on what to add as a little “zing” please leave me a comment, and if you try it, please let me know how yours turned out? :P

It is a little bland until the flavors get together! :P I hope you enjoy the pictures, the food and the upgraded “booth” at my Goat Feathers! :P Hugs Kat =^.^=

PS I recently invested in the “onion” “tomato” and the “lemon” “keepers! They are plastic, and I figure frugal me will save on the Zip Locks and utilize these instead! Guess what! THEY WORK GREAT! No spoiling, no smells, no fridge smells, nothing!

I am VERY pleased and just passing this along! So for the cost of about a “box” of zip locks ($4.50) you too can save on the storage of that cut up lemon or mater or onion and oh yes they have all the veggies, the red and green bell and the red onion etc. so you know what is in them! GENIUS! BRILLIANT!

Kats Version Corn and Black Bean Salsa

1 Yellow Onion (I used half because it was very large!)

1 Jalapeno Pepper, or more, your taste, (split, take the seeds out unless you like it VERY HOT!)

½ Red Bell Pepper (it was a large one!)

1 Red Tomato (all of it, seeds and all)

1 Orange Tomato (special today at the Central Market and just gorgeous!)

1 Yellow Tomato (another special very sweet! So I am trying it!)

A bunch of Cilantro, finely chopped

1 Can of Black Beans (rinsed under cold water and let them dry a little before adding)

4 Ears of Fresh Corn, boiled (special at the Market, 2 for a dollar, sweet corn!) I boiled them, and cut the kernels off with a knife and separated them; however, you may like the small sweet frozen variety as an option)
Chop everything (not the black beans) up as small as you can, carefully mix together, cover and store in fridge overnight.

I am hoping all the flavors will meld and taste like the Central Market’s Fingers Crossed!
**UPDATE UPDATE: The salsa turned out great! I love it! But here are a few changes! Add a few finely chopped green onions with the green part, use canned corn, rinse well. Hope you have fun experimenting! Love Kat

Into the fridge she goes!

These keepers are at our Goat Feathers store in one of our Booths!

And finally!LOL The ice cream and strawberries followed me home!(already had the choc syrup! ) :P

My Goat Feathers Booth, I've Shabby Painted the hutch and it has made it alot brighter now! It was kind of a dark maroon color, I am very pleased with how it turned out!

Wishing everyone a wonderful, happy, healthy and GREAT week! Love Kat =^.^=


  1. I think you should put some gum balls in the gum ball machine!

  2. Oh my Goodness! I did! Someone must have eaten them ALL!!! :( Good catch! I will fix it and look for someone with a very colorful face! LOL


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