Friday, April 29, 2011

My Year of First's in BC - Spring Jam, the day before!

Hi it's the day before Spring Jam, my FIRST Spring Jam, busy busy bees around here to include me! SO, made something just for me, thats quick and easy, really takes no time to make!

Sharing "Acini de Pepe" pasta (cold dish) delis!

Here is the basic recipe, this pasta can be used as a base for many dishes! It is quick! I hope you like it!

One package of Acini de Pepe pasta
about 4 green onions finely chopped
fresh parsley, finely chopped, add as much as you like or cilantro maybe?
fresh ground pepper and kosher salt
1 large tomato, I take the seeds out so not to add more liquid to the dish but you decide :P
1/2 English cucumber finely chopped (no waxy skin!)
3 stalks of celery finely chopped
1 red bell pepper finely chopped
a few cloves of garlic (optional)
Italian "zesty" dressing

After cooking the pasta, I rinse under cold water, use a smaller strainer, or you may lose the pasta! It's small! Add your chopped ingredients and the dressing, mix together, pop in the fridge and let the flavors meld together! Delis! Use along side a burger, bun or no bun! LOL Wa Laaaaaaaaaaaaaa! lo-cal!

Now for some preview pics at Goat Feathers and our quaint city :P Enjoy, I'm off do some last minute Spring stuff! :P Hugs Kat

Judy's new purse selections! I think that Fleur de lis ooh la la one, on the floor, might have to go home with me! oui oui!! and some of her other booth items!
This was ME today! Lovely 80 years young lady makes these dolls, they have SO much character! I love them all!

My booth is 20 per cent off until 2 May! Happy Shopping!
Some Zelda Fognozzle's
Lovely vintage dress with beautiful bead work and a lovely beige aged color!

Niki and James, he takes beautiful pictures!

Garylene's booths

Sarah Jane's booths

John, lots of LP's!

Vicky's new things!
Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! Do some fun stuff!!! Hugs Kat


  1. Hey Kat! I love your blog. I am inspired with your boldness in life. Rock on girl.

  2. Great pictures of the Antique mall. Can't wait to come see it! Food looks good too!


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