Sunday, December 9, 2018

Surprise Surprise Surprise! 2017? 2018?

Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing well and having a great year! I cannot believe (2017) 2018 has come and almost gone already! Where oh where does the time go? Seems the older I get the faster the days pass, and that's really okay as they just fly by and I have fun on a daily basis making messes, re-arranging stuff moving furniture painting and more, go figure! Some things just don't ever change! :)

 I have been so enjoying life, retirement, working, gardening, learning how to make jewelry, reading, researching,  moving stuff around again and more lately, and it doesn't seem like another year (s) has passed since I've posted, but it has! Another birthday, a big one this time, and I am late to this party!  Like you life happens and things change course don't they and seems like all the time! So interesting this journey of ours, yes?

Over this past year I lost my youngest fur baby Mr Tucker Blackburn! I am still crying over this little wonderful baby! He was old, like me now :) and it was time, no more pain. Sad, I miss him each day! He was my little security guard and watched over me always! The glue to my ankle!

Some history these past two years? I returned to the workplace, for these two years, loved it, so enjoyed it but there came a time to leave and do my own thing again. I worked, are you ready, in a vintage store and had four booths in there! Oh my I had no idea the work involved and how small my little car actually is! I've ruined the tint on the hatchback but that will be fixed someday. It was a great run, and now I have moved on.

However, I am planning lots of stuff and fun happenings in 2019, one of them is attending to this blog, wish me luck!

Teaser, I'm planning two Annual Tag Sales during 2019, and will continue on an annual basis until whenever, which will continue until I am done passing along my treasures!  I seem to have too much stuff, she said never of her treasures!  Anyway lots of beautiful antique and vintage things to liquidate. Somewhat of a Living Estate Sale if you will. yes indeed!

Charming one of a kinds lovelies and more, clothing, vintage jewelry, some vintage linens, baskets, furniture, mostly all white, however, there are a few pieces, oh my goodness, one cannot ever paint, just not ever!

They are stunning, all wood, masterpieces of the makers, mid century modern and more. And then my painted white stuff, my personal loves, my recyclables! I am also making my own recipe of chalk type paint, custom colors, once gone, they are done, so I am editing my home, all rooms and ALL collections. Sounds like fun huh! :) it will be like Christmas on a daily basis as I find new treasures behind door numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and on and on.

I will be listing events in the following venues:
garage sale posts
and if I can figure out how to log onto Offer Up I will be there too in my area
I will also be posting pics here, hopefully, and if anyone is interested, contact me! Especially if you are visiting the area.
My Etsy shoppe
will be on the sidebar once I get the hang of it again, sorry I am talking out loud again

Not sure if I will be getting myself into a booth again, but one never knows does one! :) I have quite the inventory yet again. So quilters, crochet people, there is yarns and more, shabby vintage style enthusiasts, home decor folks, lamp lovers, sewing stuff, beware, there is some eye candy on the way. I am holding myself to do this, so yell at me if I don't'! :)

I could use the nudge to help me keep going to downsize and get my house back in order after this reselling stuff.

I saw a very cute tee the other day on a you tube channel, "I'm not a Hoarder.......I'm a Reseller!" Oh man so true and I just love it! :)

So if you have read thus far, thank you again for visiting this ol antique! Since I figured out how to log in, stuff is missing, some of my fave blogs have long gone onto Instagram, and like me selling on other various platforms online, which is very fun and nerve racking in and of itself. I had to laugh, this particular post was a Draft from 2017! so you can see where I've been these past couple!

I currently have some new loves, a Poshmark closet, a brand spanking new Etsy Shoppe, of course my fur babies, creating and painting, recycling, working on my home, just a few things haha Not much huh!

Blessings to all, Merry Christmas Happy New Year Happy Holidays to anyone that may read this :)

xo Kat =^.^=  (keep reading lol)

I am not sure when I will be back on the blog, and am leaving the blog up for now. Thank you for visiting, best  to you, and you know what? 2018 is almost over! Yikes already! 

have fun with the rest of the this 2018.....Should be awesome!

my life..the journey ...continues..

xo Kat

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