Saturday, September 21, 2013

Happy Windy Saturday Afternoon!

Hi and happy Saturday! As you can see I have another addiction!
I think outside the box, don't follow a pattern, actually I can't follow a pattern, lol , and I'm kinda a free spirit! So my designs are one of a kind and unusual for sure!
Many pictures of my version of the "shawl" or "wrap this around your neck, and put on your jacket or sweater" scarf! lol
This one you won't trip over, and it will not get in the way of your other clothing!
For years when I worked I had to wear something around my neck and face for the frigid weather I was exposed to and the scarves were so long, sometimes they were just choking me!
So I came up with what I call my "bulky knit" look, using the largest crochet hook I can find and my imagination. I know they are straight lines but humor me!
some have one button that can be utilized or not. The scarf can be wrapped in lots of ways around your neck. I like that part, never a dull moment! haha
I am happy with these, I have many, and am going to start selling them! A girl can't have too many scarves but I do so there you go! lol I enjoy the process of crochet, the texture of the yarns, the colours and just holding them. I am being taught by two sisters that allow me to play my twenty questions with them on some of the how-to!
Have a wonderful Saturday, partyin over at My Romantic Home later today! Here we go! lots of pics!



Fall colours, so lovely!




well blogger won't let me upload any more pictures so I will attempt later! lol
in the top pictures, the large afghan was made by me many years ago it is about six feet by six feet with fringe! I love that thing!
hugs and have a great day!  

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