Monday, June 10, 2013

thrift store find, rooster display box

morning, and happy Monday!
this is about how long the deep scratch was on the top of this cutie rooster hinged box!
thought, i can fix, wasn't sure how, but got it for 2.00
here is what i did:
sanded the top and scratch out
popped some feet on it and painted them to match the box, nice muted brown.
used my porter cable sander, and regular craft paint with a little water.
love how he turned out! very vintage look now. hinges are great and working!
he is going in my new fashion warehouse "where i create" to hold my scissors!

nice large size container

funny when you are "organized", you can find those crafty items (wooden ball feet) i knew right where they were! lol

sorry i didn't take any before pictures, but trust me this was a deep line into the wood and i know that is why it ended up in the Goodwill store!

now, it wouldn't be normal if i didn't leave you with a couple of garden pictures, one of many passions, so here are a couple, my antique circa 1931 hollyhock plants from boulder city!

 i picked them up last year from the spring jamboree! these seeds came from the original plants! such a lovely muted pink! they will get about 5 feet tall wind permitting!

i am saving the seeds, but that is another post!

say hello to  my little friend! lol he was stuck in one of my food grade garden buckets!
 glad i found him to set him free! now all my buckets are on their sides so i won't accidentally trap any of these cuties!
my onions gone to seed!

gazania, in cali we called it the "freeway plant" heat lover, dosen't mind the wind either, well that's good!!
hugs kat =^.^=
party week!

I just love the next party! says it all! lol
mop it up mondays

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