Friday, June 7, 2013

grandfather clock dvd storage

this is my hall grand daddy of a clock, who chimes, and i just love him!
But he was cherry wood, not real and really DVD storage insides.
so......he went from this...


to this and I just love how he turned out, however, the problem now is, do I reverse antique him with white dry brush or leave him alone for a few days and ponder! lol
what do you think?
the paint i used was a free hand mix of teal and blues , my found on  bloggville recipe, chalk paint, oh my fave, because it covers in one coat, its very inexpensive and works on everything, and i mean all surfaces!
have a wonderful weekend everyone! it will be 109 degrees here today in my quaint little hot city and 111 is predicted for tomorrow!
you can probably guess where i will be!

Friday party!
hugs, kat =^.^=


  1. Its fabulous! It would look lovely either way - I would just ponder for a few days then decide! Stay cool! xx

  2. Hi Chris thanks for stopping by! Yep gonna ponder! It is WAY too HOT! I lied when I said tomorrow 111 degrees! apparently 112 or higher! OMgoodness! anyway gonna pop over and visit you! :) hugs =^.^=


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