Monday, May 13, 2013

Day Lillie? Full bloom this morning! Happy Monday Sunshines!

Well, it is 99 degrees here in Boulder city and according to the local weather guy 101 degrees in Las Vegas! Wow, am I feelin it already! :(

Today is what I call Chinese Laundry day here at the ol homestead, sweatin to the oldies and workin the tail off again! Dust (you can write your name in it!) will be long gone by this afternoon, as I am takin a tea break and puttin the feet up for a bit! These ol legs start hurtin when I walk way too much anymore! The brain on the other hand says HEY go for it! lol!!! Can you relate! :)

I think I did myself in last year, painting in the heat, so it has for sure taken a toll on me and it isn't even HOT yet! Oh well! I will be the one inside with the iced latte! lol!

Isn't she a pretty thing! Hope you enjoy your Monday! hugs  =^.^=

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