Thursday, March 15, 2012

WHO is there?

Good morning Sunshines! Hope your week is going well! The weather here is warming up and the wind has stopped for a few hours maybe a whole day hopefully! I've got outside STUFF to get done and the wind is not a friend to me there! Allergies! YIKES

Isn't it funny how the light comes into your home? I just love what gets highlighted, here are a few pictures I'm sharing of my fave color ever!

It's like paint! I try to always paint a story board, put it in different places on the wall during the day and evening to see how I will like/love the color when the whole room is done!

I did that for my tile flooring, worked out pretty good. Funny how colors change during the day and evening hours.

Here are a few random pics! I'm looking to change up some stuff later today and just snapped a few!

What are you doing today? I've decided to set some weekly goals, vs one a day! That way no pressure! Yeah right! LOL

Have a wonderful day! I'm off to do something good or bad, right or wrong!!!! :) Catch ya later! hugs, =^.^=

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