Sunday, December 4, 2011

Clean Sheets and a little sore throat!

Good morning Sunshines! I am just getting up at this late hour! But you know, it is going to have to be okay huh!

Yesterday I was so busy (inside, cause it's cold outside, wow!)  re-decorating my bedroom, moving things around and fussing :) I cleaned my sheets and piled a ton of blankets on it cause it was at freezing last night and in the desert it is just frigid. I've cranked up the heater and had a wonderful nights sleep for a change.

I did my laundry and sheets with a new line of products I've started using that are just wonderful! Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day. What a lovely line and just wonderful smell! I love the Geranium, I wonder why, it was always my Mom's favorite scent :) But I have some of the others as well I wanted to try. The hand soap is lovely!

It makes the house smell so good. I've always been into the essential oils, their type of stronger smell, and these products are just great! If you get a chance, stop on over and check out her cute video! She is a mother of NINE! Cute website! And hide your wallet! They have seasonal scents too! They sound wonderful too!! Check out below! Orange Clove!!! Spice Cake! Oh boy! Sign me up! :) Cranberry!!!! Pine!!! Wo hoo!

So I laid there this morning, thinking, pondering, praying, being so very thankful for what I do have in life right now, and what I am hoping to have change. Also my back was talking to me too! Isn't it funny, in our heads, we are younger and can do everything we used to do, but then our bodies say WHOA GIRLFRIEND! What the heck were you thinking! :) And you can't get up out of the chair the next day! :)

Oh well, the coffee is done, and the toaster is at the ready!

Thank you for our time together this morning and I would love for you to share your thoughts too! Have a wonderful and happy day Sunhines!

Hugs Kat =^.^=


  1. You have stated this getting older thing just perfectly. I don't understand why my body tells me to stop; then I realize it's aging rather quickly. And in viewing friends' pictures on Facebook, I see I'm not alone.

    Sure wish I was in Boulder City under the sheets and blankets, warm and cozy, conquering the freezing temperatures outdoors. MISS BC SO MUCH IT HURTS! ! ! Please enjoy living there for me.



  2. Hi Ellie, how is Florida! Sometimes we have to make the best of what we have, no matter where it is :( Live each day and be happy and hopefully someday you can get back to your beloved Boulder City!
    I truly believe everything we do and everything that happens is for a reason, and sometimes we never know why.
    I do so enjoy living here, and yep looking at the old pictures of myself, who is that person anyway! LOL I just don't recognize her sometimes!I just found my high school pic, OMG the BIG HAIR! hahahaha, Hang in girlfriend! Hugs Kat =^.^=


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