Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Goat Feathers Too! Opening Today! 2 November 2011!

Goat Feathers Too!

Congratulations to the new "kid" on the block in downtown Boulder City opening today! Talk about EXCITING!!!!!!

This quaint little shop is just so neat and sure has that "come on in and stay awhile cozy feeling!" It is a very "warm" place, no wonder, with all the love that went into creating it from the ground up so to speak to put that country Goat Feathers Emporium stamp on it! :)

This little shop will make you smile, and is a wonderful addition and compliment to all of the other wonderful and creative stores in our downtown and surrounding areas.

I have to say a big big huge thank you to the GF Family for allowing me to be a part in just something so much fun, to help along with everyone to get this little place ready to open! It was a blast! I've had so much fun sharing and rolling up my sleeves and especially watching it all come together! What a blast guys and gals! It sure was fun to see it grow every day!

From the Owner Doc, to the Manager Cheryl, to Judy, and all the Dealers who just jumped in to do what they could and helped make this little shop ready, I will tell you it was something to see!

Everyone helped, everyone worked late and very hard, brainstormed with wonderful ideas for this little place, and I will tell you it certainly shows! It has finally come together and is just so beautiful! There are antiques, vintage clothing, crystal, lighting, handmade items, unique food items, old fashioned candy, books, toys, furniture, jewelry, wreaths and a whole lot more to see!

Lots of hard work, sweat, giggles and very loud laughter at times went into the making, oh yea, and lots of dancing and singing! THIS is a really neat bunch! :)  Beautiful things and wonderful people, fun loving guys and gals, have certainly made this little place shine! WOW you all worked so very hard! Anytime anyone needed anything, five people offered to help! It was just great!

Please be sure to stop in and say hi to Judy and the gang! Plan to stay awhile and visit our other Goat Feathers Emporium and all of the lovely shops on the main drag and also throughout out quaint little village! Park the car and walk the streets! Tons of fun! Something for everyone in the family!

Our address for Goat Feathers Too is, 527 Nevada Way, Boulder City NV 89005 (702) 293-2088. There is lots of parking in the downtown area in front of the store and in back too.

I will have more pictures soon! I've run the battery out taking so many pictures ( and about killed this little camera of mine too! LOL), and will post better ones very soon! (I think I need that new Canon I've been eyeing!!!!) You can be sure I will be there today to join in the fun! Taking more pictures!

Anyway, have a wonderful and happy week guys and gals! I know I will!!! Love Kat =^.^=

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  1. Oh wow! The store has really come along! I can't wait to come up and see it. I am sure you will all be successful. Just looks beautiful! Happy Grand Opening!

    Best wishes and prosperity to all

    (the Kat's sister)


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