Friday, June 24, 2011

Gnome-Body's Home! **UPDATE **UPDATE! I LIED!


okokok so I don't wanna clean today I wanna decorate! so here are a few pictures! Me and House are talking and it's HAMMERTIME as well! LOL

Small delicate Shabby plates are going on the wall, in just the right place now. I am SO inspired by you bloggers! Such beautiful blogs, pictures, verbiage, I laugh, cry, get SO VERY INSPIRED!

So THANK YOU guys today and everyday! You don't know how much I need and love to look and to Follow your beautiful sites! I also thank you for visiting here and leaving such loving comments! I read each and every one! You guys are the BEST MOST AMAZING CREATIVE AWESOME PEOPLE ON THIS EARTH! It's hard to leave the computer!!!! LOL xoxoxox Kat =^.^=

So here is what I'm workin on today, Retro Kitchen, the List!  Camera Tricks, lol, in my minds eye! my sharp man, yep he is pretty SHARP! Bon Appetit!, if you listen really hard, you can hear me soundin like JULIA! Love her! LOL

 And just re-arranging some things! I am still editing stuff, so hard! I know you all can relate! So on to the pics....xo

Hi and happy Friday! Plannin a Gnome Day, if you're are lookin for me, I'll be under a tree!

(I'm a dreamer!!!! I'll be doin my Cleaning and Laundry Lady thingie! :) and maybe a crafty thingie or three! Have fun!

Have a great weekend Sunshines! Hugs =^.^=

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  1. I love every single bit! The gmome might be my favorite :)


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