Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Experienced Merchandise, BC Thrift Store Link

Hi, I stopped by my fave thrift store here in BC today!
Experienced Merchandise!

Link on the title....:P

I have to say I had so much fun there! It is on our main highway coming in to town at 525 Nevada Way! I’ve attached their website for more information! I took a lot of pictures to give you an idea of what they currently have for sale.

Tricia, a really FUN lady that runs the place, is a wild and crazy gal and loves to laugh! I just love her! The store is interesting, with lots of eye candy, furniture, clothing, books on tape, VHS tapes, YES I STILL OWN A COUPLE OF THOSE VCRs , LOL, and all the movies are perfect and I have added many to my collection! Lots of Vintage dishes, Corning Ware, jewelry, craft supplies, tools, material, jackets, sweatshirts, you name it, oh and did I mention the vintage linens? :P Everyday there is something new and exciting to look at!

The store is very clean and organized and when I go in I head to the linens and dishes and books and tapes and dresses and this and that and so on and so on! :P

Seriously, this is our non profit thrift store that benefits the Christian Center Daycare. It is a lovely place to visit, a wonderful place to find new and gently used treasures and I love it.

One can find a lot of interesting furniture to Shabby Chic and vintage dresses, can you say Prom, wedding dresses all just lovely. Most of the time they have a 50% off the regular price, and WOW the deals! Today I spied a Dooney for $30 bucks!

If you come up for a visit or pass through our lovely Boulder City, please make a stop to Experienced Merchandise, and say hi to Tricia and the girls! You will have a bunch of “thriftin fun!”
Hugs, Kat =^.^=

I love this little gal! She is just one of the Vintage mannequins!

STELLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! With the "tude! She is up on a high cabinet, with a HAT! Lots of giggles tellin me the story of her name etc! Tricia is a riot! Lots of fun, like I said! :P

I hope everyone had a wonderful day! Hugs =^.^=

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