Thursday, July 27, 2017

Where has the time gone 2017????

Hi everyone! Hope you all are doing well and having a great Summer!  I have been so very busy with life, retirement, working, gardening, learning how to make jewelry, reading, researching,  moving stuff around again and more lately, and it doesn't seem like a year since I've posted, but it has! Like you life happens and things change course don't they and seems like all the time! So interesting!

I currently have some new loves, a vintage antique booth(s) in my little village of Boulder City Nevada, it's called Bella Marketplace, my fur babies, creating and painting, recycling and selling online! :) Not much huh!

We are on Facebook, Instagram, bellamarketplacebouldercity is our name there, lots of pictures of my booths, yep there are more than one of them, shabby style and farmhouse chic with touches of galvanized haha.

I've been painting, creating, crocheting and more, plus working on my home and oh did I mention working a couple days of the week at this place, Bella! Love it! I am having so much fun, learning as I go, creating even when sleeping! The creative bug has snagged me BIG time! :)

I am working on the 4th piece now, I am only creating 4 per year at this rate, but having fun, no pattern, just free form for me.

I am not sure when I will be back on the blog, three booths plus all of it takes a lot of time, and am leaving the blog up for now. Thank you for visiting, best  to you, and you know what? 2017 is almost over! Where of where does the time go! :)

I am on Instagram too, so fast to post pics and more! I'm spoiled now!  You can find me at boulderdamcottagevintage there.

have fun with the rest of the Summer everyone, looking forward to the Lunar Eclipse in August! Should be awesome! my life..................the journey .................continues.............................

xo Kat