quaint little cottage

Hi and welcome to quaint little cottage!
 I will be updating pictures as I find them of the progress I've made over the past couple of years. I've looked like a painter!

 The entryway, closed in so I can watch and listen every afternoon to the bird population!

 Cottage dining!
 Summer of 2014, the lovely Sunflowers!

The Dollhouse workshop!

It is a very slow process of designing, creating, and re-thinking your choices.  I know I am not alone.

Moving from a large two story to a small single story, there is a rather large amount of excess furniture! On sale now!

I think I will be "under-construction" forever! I'm laughing as I type.  I am now in the process of moving things around yet again, a wall remove, a pipe here and there, you get the picture!

I'm always organizing and editing. Something I learned from one Julie Morgenstern and one of her great books, Organizing From the Inside Out. When I found that book, I gave one to my Sister as well. A wealth of info that sort of stuck!

This is a wonderful little paperback that I carry with me.  It is the type of book, that you can open a page and get something from it and apply. Anyway, it works for me and keeps me thinking.

I've redone the kitchen, and I can finally say it is finished. Removed the upper cupboards, painted, added shelving, a new window, that opens now, and am so happy with my rather small cottage working kitchen.  Picture tiny, everything within reach, unique and oh so quaint! some would run, kicking and screaming, but I love it. It is a busy little place with loads of colorful vintage dishes, all within reach. Plus I love to cook!

I am one lucky lady to have a "library" in home. Yep a true, no TV, no radio, just books books books did I say books, and more books are added daily to that area.  One does not venture there in the dark lol.

The Library is fini! So very happy! My go to cozy place. coffee or tea anyone?  Pictures soon. Finished painting, and some organizing.  That is an ongoing chore that I happen to love.

Small is the primary word here at quaint little Cottage.  I think family  roots come from England and France.  Tiny, cozy, welcoming, come on in and sit a while,  Our mantra.

The Masterette, almost complete, with only two rooms to go. Oh my, then what will I do!?

Hope you all have a lovely day, check back soon, I will be adding pictures of the rooms.  I have paint under the fingernails again.

xo Kat

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